Our clients Love working with us — Here's what they say

PCL brings people, experience and ideas together to help their clients in the best way possible.

Karen S.

Private Consulting brings order to the wild game of Project Management.

Thibaut C.

Creativity and imagination, paired with distinguished professionalism, in everything they do!

Dennis S.

Top-notch service from a top-notch team. Highly recommended!

Alexandra N.

Private Consulting came into our business with a fresh pair of eyes and listened to our view and frustrations. With Private Consulting, we were able to develop a side of the business that complements our core objectives and I strongly recommend the services they provide.

Amanda P.

Very happy to be recognised for our business, Private Consulting always believed in us and keeps on vouching for us.

Paul M.

Working with Private Consulting is more than receiving level-headed business advice; it is having an entire team of experts alongside me, believing that I can in fact, make it happen.

Edouard L.

Working with Private Consulting is like having instant network of business solutions at my fingerprints. I’ve never seen an organisation with such reactivity and efficiency from scratch to the end.

Andrea I.

Highly skilled team of experts for highly satisfying results.

Bernd W.

Unlike marketing agencies, Private Consulting helped us boost our activities, enhance our expertise and unfold our business potential.

Mike H.

I successfully launched a start-up in Luxembourg that in no small part is thanks to Private Consulting. They had faith in me and today I’m very thankful for that.

Hugo M.

Private Consulting did an audit of our workflow, they helped us improve it drastically by implementing change management solutions, I’m very thankful today for their help, their support and their expertise.

Jens H.

If you are looking to start a new life, launch your business, Private Consulting is the one you should call. They helped me setting up my Idea, giving me advice, tips on what to do and what not to do and sell it on the market, I would not be where I am today without their great support

Quentin M.

Hélène, Ivo and their team have been there for me from the bottom to the top. It’s great to have such skilled, enthusiast and helpful people by your side when you are looking to change your professional life.

Anna J.

Great advice and support regarding my wish to expand my business to new markets.

Patrick M.

With Private Consulting, I get answers before I ask questions. They constantly look for areas of improvement for my business, it’s great to count on such reactive and trustful people.

Benoît D.

If you need new clients, go with Private Consulting. Ivo, Hélène and their team implemented a Business Development division in our company, and after few weeks, clients were coming. Great support from a great team of experts.

Thierry M.

Ambitious entrepreneur, I turned to Private Consulting to help me enhance my expertise. Hélène, Matthieu and their team helped me grow further and faster than I could expect. Very kind and extremely helpful.

Vincent P.

Benchmark is never of waste of time, especially if you have Private Consulting on your side. They gave me great tips on my business plan and assist me on the development of my Idea. Ivo and its team were kind, reactive and full of great advice.

Peter B.

When it comes to business development, there’s no such things as having trustworthy and skilled people by your side, Private Consulting is definitely the one for that.

Elena A.

Private Consulting not only has a team of experts, they help you to improve your networking skills, your sales pitch and your image. Thanks to them I was able to find investors to finance my projects.

Patricia G.

Wishing to expand our businesses in Europe, we decided to work with Private Consulting. Ivo and its team helped us introduce our products into a new market, reaching new customers, developing new concepts, all that in a short period of time. Whenever we need, Private Consulting is there to answer our questions and we really appreciate that.

Gemma K.