Our Services

We are a One-Stop Shop for all Your business needs

Our business model is very simple, yet extremely effective — we help dynamic companies be more efficient and effective at doing business by extending their capabilities.
We help clients grow by stepping in and acting as an Interim Project Manager on short and long-term projects. Clients like to refer to us as the "right hand of the CEO".
We bring with us a power network of allies and become a natural extension of our client companies for the duration of the project. This way we extend their outreach, skyrocket their abilities,  save their time and resources and provide invaluable business development power when they need it most.
— Helene Michel, Managing Partner

Our Business Model

We serve our clients as a full-service organization — as a one-stop shop for all their business needs.

Our integrated approach and intimate knowledge of Luxembourg business environment, processes, key players, regulations, etc. allows us to offer reliable and at the same time cutting-edge consultancy, saving time and money to our clients.

Thanks to our long-term well-established relationships, we have access to a dedicated pool of established experts experienced in all fields related to a dynamic and efficient Business Development: IT, Design, Marketing & Communication, Business industries consultants, legal, tax, domiciliation and more, which enables us to extend our reach and always select the best service for our clients in each circumstance.

We are fully committed to our clients’ success. All projects we run are supervised at all times by a Specialist Director in the field. Our Directors are Business Leaders, Project Managers, Marketing Experts and former Bankers who possess years of great experience, leadership and vision – all at our clients’ disposal.


How We Work

We first sit down with You to understand Your goals, culture, and values.

When we feel that we speak Your language, we then work together with You to define the scope and specifics of Your project.

We outline a specific step-by-step Action Plan complete with deliverables, checkpoints, levels of involvement, etc.

We gather a dedicated team to run Your project and we coordinate, manage, and energize it.

We then take complete care of driving the project to success, acting as a Project Manager with in-depth expertise in every business area relevant to Your project.

Our excellent Project Management skills are the key to the successful delivery of Your project.


Our Scope and Areas of Expertise

We are a One-Stop Shop for all Your business needs.

Our Business Development Consulting and Advisory Services are unparalleled in their breadth and depth when it comes to boosting Your business.

We offer tailored services and expertise for each stage of your business lifecycle.

After discussing Your needs and requirements, we identify and decide on the best way to proceed, e.g.:

  • Optimizing your current visibility and setting up a new Corporate Identity / Marketing & Communication plan
  • Diversifying your activity and launching a new brand / product / service
  • Revising your Business Model and opening up new markets / new territories

We are truly diverse in the type of business services we offer, Here are some examples:


Vision to Plan

We help you turn your idea into a project and then into reality by assisting with your:

  • Business Plan
  • Financing/Partners Search
  • Corporate Identity
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Communications Strategy
  • Legal and Tax Analysis
  • Office/Store Setup

Plan to Market

We help you launch your new product/service by:

  • Benchmarking
  • Business Modeling
  • Value Proposition
  • IP and Legal Issues
  • Pre-sales Test Pilot
  • Marketing  Management and Communication Campaigns
  • Distribution Channels Identification
  • Sales and CRM
  • Leads Generations

Market to Growth

We help you expand your business to reach new markets by assisting with:

  • Market Survey
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Legal Authorization and Relation with Local Authorities
  • Partners/Suppliers Search and Match-making
  • Cultural Brand Adaptation
  • Local Sales Copy and Pitch
  • Company Profile Uplift


Our Quick Packs

We have bundled several sets of our core services into several easy to deploy packages that fit Your most common business needs.

You will benefit from the quick execution, affordable fixed pricing and transparent process.

Up & Running Entrepreneur Pack

We assist you to setup and launch Your business

3 Steps 4 A New ID Identity Pack

Get a clear corporate identity in 3 steps

2 Be Or Not 2 Be Visibility Pack

Increase Your local, regional and global physical & online visibility

Get New Leads Business Development Pack

Grow Your business by generating new leads and getting new customers

Expand Your Market Marketing Pack

Introduce Your product into a new marketplace

Find InvestorsFinancing Pack

Find sponsors and expand Your business

Business Management Representation Service

Private Consulting’s Business Representation Service is unparalleled in its kind in Luxembourg.

It is strategically built in order to allow Your company to expand into Luxembourg and the local markets.

By entrusting Private Consulting to be your local representative, you benefit from the in-house capabilities of our team and our partner organizations, which allow you to extend your business development outreach, business functions and activities in Luxembourg. When you partner with Private Consulting you get immediate access to an extensive Luxembourg based network of experts that becomes a natural expansion of your company and allows you to tackle any project that you need.

By using Private Consulting as a local representative, you have a single go-to place for all your business needs in Luxembourg. We provide you with a consistent in‐market representation and support for you and your clients, assisting you with the challenges that come with entering the Luxembourg markets. By being your local representative and ‘your men on the ground’ we ensure that you have a highly favorable initial and ongoing exposure to all local business services.

Private Consulting’s preferred and tested approach to providing local company representation for Luxembourg, by way of an Advisory Mandate for regional representation and business development, allows you to keep your fixed costs for local operations to a minimum.

As your representative, Private Consulting acts on your behalf and in accordance to your strategic preferences, thus being in the front line and ensuring that all your needs will be met. We are actively involved in managing and coordinating your local operations and are committed to providing those services to the highest professional standards.

Based on the Advisory Mandate between your company and Private Consulting, our core Business Representation Services can include and are not limited to:

  • Coordinating and representing your business activities in Luxembourg
  • Representing (and/or acting on your behalf) your company to local businesses, networking partners, ventures and other local entities
  • Provide a range of services to assist you with building and expanding your local business
  • Providing guidance, advice and recommendations for local services, thus eliminating bottlenecks and speeding up resolution time
  • Providing guidance for navigating the Luxembourg business support ecosystem
  • Providing a bridge to the multi-lingual business world of Luxembourg
  • Helping with business integration and local fit

With our Business Representation Service you can expect:

  • Simplicity: PCL will be your first (and often) only point of contact for your business activities in Luxembourg
  • Privacy: When you appoint PCL as business representative you can rest assured that all our communications and joint business activities remain 100% confidential and secure.
  • Integration: With PCL as your local representative, you are guaranteed to have the smoothest experience integrating into the unique Luxemburgish business environment.

Your business SUCCESS and REPUTATION is our sole focus. Your PRIVACY is our priority.