Our Partners

Our partners have decades of experience

We are fully committed to being a leading and reliable full-service Firm in Luxembourg, to combining outstanding quality and unrivaled client care and to ensuring an attractive working environment for its People and Partners.

Our internal and external collaborators have years of experience in their industry sectors and are able to facilitate the most complex business and financial procedures and transactions for our Clients and delivering the best results and the highest levels of service.

All our services are provided internally and supervised at all times by a Specialist Director in the field. Our Directors are Business Leaders, Project Managers, Marketing Experts and former Bankers who bring their experience and leadership to Private Consulting and help us build a relationship of trust with our customers over the long term.

With respect for privacy and independence, we have privileged partners in Luxembourg and abroad and particularly in the United States, United Kingdom, Central and Eastern Europe and the Mid and Far East.


  • PCL brings people, experience and ideas together to help their clients in the best way possible.

    Karen S.

  • Private Consulting brings order to the wild game of Project Management

    Thibaut C.

  • Creativity and imagination, paired with distinguished professionalism, in everything they do!

    Dennis S.

  • Top-notch service from a top-notch team. Highly recommended!

    Alexandra N.