Our Clients

Our clients ask us to "boost their business"

Armed with a dynamic view into an interconnected ecosystem, we step in as the single interlocutor between your business and a wide network of highly skilled experts that your project entails. We then act as the project manager with an in-depth expertise in every area relevant to your project.

Our clients bring us in to assist in the types of strategic projects where the achievement of business objectives is reliant on a multitude of well-coordinated skills, such as IT, marketing, communication, legal, financial, domiciliation, etc. and often where the situation is 'make or break'.

Clients acknowledge and engage us because we bring the right people, process and proven track record to their needs.


Your business SUCCESS and REPUTATION is our sole focus. Your PRIVACY is our priority.


With respect for their privacy, our clients come from multitudes of business areas and activities. We have worked with companies varying from recently established startups to small and mid-sized companies as well as sole entrepreneurs.

  • PCL brings people, experience and ideas together to help their clients in the best way possible.

    Karen S.

  • Private Consulting brings order to the wild game of Project Management

    Thibaut C.

  • Creativity and imagination, paired with distinguished professionalism, in everything they do!

    Dennis S.

  • Top-notch service from a top-notch team. Highly recommended!

    Alexandra N.