The Management

The driving force behind our success

Helene Michel


Founder, Managing Partner

Ms. Michel spent several years in the USA helping US companies expand their business operations in Europe as well as European companies expand to the US.

She then relocated to Luxembourg, located at the heart of Europe, and worked as the European Commission Delegate for European R&D programs.

Thrilled by the ever expanding business opportunities that Luxembourg business ecosystem offers to entrepreneurs, Ms. Michel founded Private Consulting in 2008. The company quickly become the industry leader in Business Development in Luxembourg. Since then PCL has worked with and helped many entrepreneurs, SMEs, corporations and not-for-profit organizations grow and develop their business potential.

She serves as the Chairwoman of Europe4StartUps, a Europe-wide network aimed at helping e-startups boost their activities in Europe.

Ms. Michel speaks French, English and German. She has two children.

Ivaylo Piskov


Senior Advisor

Mr. Piskov has over 20 years experience spanning Project Management, Process Management and People Management. He has spent a considerable part of his career on Wall Street as an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs where he managed global teams and projects in the Asset Management and Global Security Services divisions.

His expertise spans IT, management, finance, academics, business development and entrepreneurship, career development and education, non-profit and government. He has a strong understanding of business and IT processes and procedures particular to financial institutions.

His strengths are in building and leading effective, motivated, and efficient teams. Confident and influential, he is able to motivate others and to foster team collaboration. His professional network spans US, UK and Europe which together with his excellent relationship building and communication skills make him an indispensable part of our Management Team.

In his spare time, he is a devoted culinarian and a whisky enthusiast. He speaks English, Bulgarian, Russian, German and French. He is married and has two daughters.


  • PCL brings people, experience and ideas together to help their clients in the best way possible.

    Karen S.

  • Private Consulting brings order to the wild game of Project Management

    Thibaut C.

  • Creativity and imagination, paired with distinguished professionalism, in everything they do!

    Dennis S.

  • Top-notch service from a top-notch team. Highly recommended!

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